» » Descargar HDclone 5 Enterprise Edition Completo Para Pc

Descargar HDclone 5 Enterprise Edition Completo Para Pc

Descargar HDclone 5 Enterprise Edition Completo Para Pc

HDClone 5 is a software for hard disk cloning, backup data and creating images. HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition descargar latest version avaialable for para pc download. HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition full version complete with serial number available for download at the end of this article.

With HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition, you can clone, backup any data from internal or external hard disk, SSD. It can be use on any operating systems, this software will copy the date for you. HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition descargar will help you copy from one hard disk to another easily.

HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition Features:
  • - Support Intel Software RAID. HDClone can access Intel Software RAIDs (also known as Intel Matrix Storage) in modes 0, 1, 10 and 5 in the self-booting version (HDClone/S). Intel Software RAIDs can be used just like regular hardware RAID systems.
  • - SATA hotplugging and port multipliers. With HDClone’s suppport for hotplugging and port multipliers you can use multiple hard disks on one SATA port and swap drives without reboot.
  • - Accessing hard disks protected by ATA password. The ATA standard defines a way to protect hard disks with passwords. HDClone can read and write these ATA password protected drives after entering the password.
  • - Accelerated SSDs via TRIM. TRIM commands are used by HDClone to tell the SSD which disk areas are no longer needed. In addition to higher copying speed the SSD gains its original performance afterwards, resulting in higher reading and writing speed.
  • - File images (NEW: dynamic VMDK/VHD(X)/VDI images). Instead of a direct copy from medium to medium, you can also store an exact image of the medium in a file image. Optionally, the image may be created compressed or encrypted. With QuickCompress ennabled, this requires almost no extra time for compressing. These file images can be stored, archived, or transmitted via network and the Internet. They can be restored 1:1 to a medium which then behaves just like a direct copy had been made. HDClone can also create dynamic VMDK/VHD(X)/VDI images. Such an image can be mounted directly in VMware, VirtualPC and VirtualBox virtual machines.

Minimum Requirement To Use HDClone 5 Enterprise Edition
  • - 586 processor or higher
  • - 64 MB RAM
  • - VGA graphics
  • - bootable floppy, CD/DVD or USB drive
  • - UEFI supported

Download Link
Filename: HDClone 5 EE 16_x.zip
Size: 109.16MB
Version: Latest

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